Meet Nicholas “Shakin’ Stick” Hansen, the one-man circus that runs and flies Foggy Crosswinds Airport (FCA) – and what a resume this maverick has!


Shakin’ Stick Nick attended Sutter’s Mill Elementary, which he claims prepared him for his future career due to its location in the middle of nowhere. He completed high school at San Siesta Secondary, where he was voted “Most Likely to Fly into a Windmill.” Nick briefly attended Flat Plains Community College but dropped out to pursue his dreams of high-flying and low-landing.

Flight School

Nick attended the prestigious, although somewhat shady, Buzzard’s Beak Flight Academy, located in the heart of the Mojave Desert. With an impressive total of 10 students, 2 flight simulators (one was a modified video game console), and a single dilapidated plane, the school offered a truly “hands-on” approach to education.

Flight Experience: With 25,000 hours of flight time under his belt, Nick is a seasoned aviator. These include 5,000 hours of night flying, 1,000 hours of navigating through inexplicably foggy conditions (thank you, FCA), and a record-breaking 10,000 hours of emergency landing practice (a crucial skill for anyone regularly flying out of FCA).


Nick boasts an impressive array of certifications – including Single-Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land, Rotorcraft, Glider, Lighter Than Air, and a rare “Anything That Can Technically Get Off the Ground” certification. There’s a rumor he even got certified in Witch’s broomstick flying for a Halloween bet.

Additional Skills

Nick is also proficient in Morse code, wilderness survival (a necessary skill considering how many times he’s had to crash land), and squirrel herding (don’t ask). He’s also an amateur mechanic, a skill that’s come in handy more than once when his trusty plane decides to throw a temper tantrum.


Nick is fluent in English, Spanish, and what he refers to as “Airplane.” He’s also semi-fluent in birds’ sign – language, a skill he picked up after a few too many close encounters with our feathered friends.


In summary, Shakin’ Stick Nick is a master at turning flights of fancy into reality. His unmatched experience, resilience, and unique set of skills make him the perfect fit for San Siesta’s Foggy Crosswind Airport, where every day is an unpredictable adventure.

Ah, yes! Shakin’ Stick Nick’s charm is as clear as the skies he soars through – even though he seems blissfully unaware of his magnetic appeal.

With his roguish smile, twinkling eyes, a nice beard even to those who don’t like beards, and ever-present aviator sunglasses perched, women from all walks of life seem to be smitten by this accidental heartthrob. He has an old-world charm about him, mixed with a dash of mystery that keeps the ladies curious.

Yet Nick, in all his humble glory, remains oblivious. He treats every person he encounters with the same friendly charm and respectful distance, leading to countless hearts fluttering in his wake. He always seems genuinely puzzled by the swooning reactions he evokes, shrugging them off with a modest, “I guess they just like pilots?”

The townsfolk have often attempted to enlighten him about his allure. Still, Nick always shakes his head, chuckles, and dismisses it with a wave of his hand, leaving everyone around him in fits of laughter.

For Nick, it’s all about the skies, the planes, and the thrill of flying. But for the women of San Siesta, it’s all about Shakin’ Stick Nick, the humble pilot who stole their hearts without even trying.