Welcome to San Siesta

Nestled between the Wacky Wildcat Waterway near Rio Grande and Hollerin’ Hillbilly Heights, San Siesta is the epitome of calm amidst chaos, a city where history lingers on the warm breeze and time moves at its own deliberate pace. With a population of 51,896, this town serves as a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the relentless march of modernity.

About San Siesta

Enjoying over 300 days of sunshine annually, San Siesta offers a climate that encourages both agricultural bounty and leisurely outdoor pursuits. The city is proud of its balanced temperatures, which facilitate year-round activities without the burden of extreme weather, making it an ideal location for the perpetually relaxed and the mildly active alike.

Historical Overview

Founded in the late 1800s as a trading post on the edge of the American frontier, San Siesta quickly became a place where weary travelers paused, often deciding to stay for its peaceful surroundings and the promise of a slower life. The city’s unique name reflects its founders’ priorities—rest first, everything else later.

During the Civil War, San Siesta was known more for its diplomatic neutrality than any battlefield heroics. The town’s strategic location made it a hub for both Northern and Southern sympathizers, who often found themselves negotiating over a game of cards rather than drawing lines in the sand.

Cultural and Social Highlights

The Siesta Historical Society: Dedicated to preserving the leisurely legacy of our forebears, offering tours of historic sites where significant events almost happened.
The Annual San Siesta Silent Film Festival: Celebrating a time when motion pictures moved as slowly as the town’s own pace of life.

Economic Life

As the self-proclaimed “Slow Food Capital of the World,” San Siesta’s economy thrives on its local agriculture, producing artisanal foods meant to be savored slowly – much like the conversations at our town’s many cafes, which are fewer places to dine and more places to unwind.

Current Initiatives

Today, San Siesta is gently embracing the 21st century, introducing technologies and innovations at a carefully measured pace, ensuring that while the future may arrive, it will have to sit down and enjoy a cup of locally brewed coffee before making any changes.

Visit Us

For those looking to visit, San Siesta isn’t just a destination – it’s a state of mind. Find us at the pace where yesterday and today blend seamlessly, somewhere between your hurry and the horizon.